Arrests in Mexico in UBC Student’s Slaying

The Mexican government announced there have been several arrests in the murder last year of UBC student Ximena Osegueda and boyfriend Alejandro Santamaria.
Five people are in custody and  three more suspects remain at large.

Oaxaca attorney general Manuel de Jesús López announced in a press conference Monday that a butcher shop receipt found in the victim’s car helped lead to the arrests. López added that those arrested were known to police and had a criminal history.
The popular student was found dead on a beach where organized crime has dumped many bodies. Police are saying this was a robbery and murder.
Here’s our story so far:

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Fatal Stabbing in Maple Ridge; Shooting in Surrey

It was a violent night across Metro Vancouver.
A 36-year-old  man was stabbed to death outside an apartment in Maple Ridge. And another man was shot in Surrey and is in serious condition.
Cpl. Adam MacIntosh, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said the murder victim was in a fight and that his friends took him to hospital where he died.
He said it does not look gang-related.
The Surrey shooting happened after a private party, about 4:30 am. The victim is expected to survive..
Here’s the Maple Ridge murder story so far:
Here’s the Surrey story:

Jarrod Bacon’s Bail Forfeiture Case Adjourned Until June 18

Jarrod Bacon is in the process of being transferred from Surrey Pre-trial to a federal prison to begin serving his cocaine conspiracy sentence handed to him May 4th.
But he still has to deal with an outstanding Crown application to get $175,000 from his parents because he broke bail conditions back in 2009.
He appeared in Surrey Provincial Court Thursday morning via video monitor and told Judge Patrick Hyde that he was having trouble finding a lawyer for the forfeiture case.
Hyde agreed to put the matter over to June 18, when a hearing date is expected to be fixed in the forfeiture case.
Bacon’s parents David and Susan were not in court Thursday, but a representative of their lawyer Mark Jette was.
Here’s my update:

Air India Terrorist Inderjit Singh Reyat Loses His Appeal

The B.C. Court of Appeal today threw out Inderjit Singh Reyat’s challenge of his perjury conviction.
Reyat had claimed that a B.C. Supreme Court judge had given erroneous instructions to the jury that convicted him of lying at the Air India trial in September 2003.
He had gotten a pretty good deal – pleading guilty to manslaughter for a role in the murders of 329 and a five year sentence. He was supposed to testify truthfully for the Crown, but then lied throughout his three days on the stand.
The other two suspects, Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, were acquitted. Reyat was charged with perjury and convicted in September 2010. He got a record nine-year sentence for perjury in January 2011.
He could still appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Hopefully he’ll do his time and not drag things out even worse for the victims’ families.
Better yet – tell the truth about what really happened in the deadliest act of terrorism in Canadian history.
Here’s the full ruling:

IHIT Investigates Inmate Death at North Fraser

A chronic offender being held on Alpha East in North Fraser Pre-trial Centre was found dead in his cell Sunday night.
And the circumstances were suspicious enough that the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been called in to investigate. IHIT is not saying much at this point.
But it appears that David William Brodrick, 44, was found dead about 7:30 pm July 15 – about an hour after three other inmates in the unit paid him a visit in his cell.
Brodrick struggled with addiction and was HIV-positive, so police are still trying to determine whether he was murdered. The cause of death has not been released.
Here’s my story:
Brodrick was an interesting guy. He had dozens of convictions in Ontario and B.C. dating back to 1984 – mostly for crimes related to his drug habit.
But he was also extremely articulate and featured in a CBC documentary about Vancouver safe injection site.
Here’s a link to his 2009 interview:
And he was a peer counsellor when inside jail, yet couldn’t get his own act together.

New Hells Angels Chapter in Surrey, Police Confirm – UPDATE

I thought I posted this around midnight last night, but for some reason, I didn’t hit the right button. Sorry about that. This is the story published in Friday’s Sun about the new West Point Hells Angels Chapter based in Surrey. The stories on this blog are now out of order….the last post is actually in reaction to this story.
I started hearing from contacts about this new Hells Angel chapter in Surrey last week. And some of you on the Real Scoop started posting about it over the last couple of days.
Police have now confirmed that they have evidence of a split in the White Rock chapter with some members joining the new “West Point” chapter to be based in Surrey.
Flashers containing the word West Point on them have been seen by police on biker vests in recent days. Some wearing the new patch are part of the 100 of so B.C. bikers who rode to Saskatoon over the last few days for the big weekend Canada Run.
Here’s my story:
And yes, White Rock member Larry Amero, who was seriously wounded in Kelowna last August, was arrested in Montreal July 11th after allegedly hitting another vehicle while impaired and leaving the scene of the accident. We tried to get permission from the Journal de Montreal to use their photo of Larry leaving court July 12th, but they wanted too much cash.
You can see the photo on their site:
  Police from all over Canada followed the bikers to Saskatchewan for the weekend event. No doubt there will be lots of intelligence collected as the HA parties – just like at the 2008 national party hosted by White Rock in Langley.

Police Investigate Gang Trial Documents Posted Online

When large-scale trials are preparing to start, there is always a massive amount of disclosure of evidence made by prosecutors to defence lawyers and defendants. The more complex the case, the more material that is usually handing over. 
And in sensitive trials – especially  jury trials – that material is often protected unless and until it comes out in court by undertakings signed by all those who get it.
The upcoming United Nations murder conspiracy trial, as well as the two separate Surrey Six trials are no exception with huge amounts of disclosure having been provided. Despite undertakings, someone posted some of the documents online this week and police are now investigating that leak.
There are many reasons why such documents can’t be disclosed publically or published online: to protect the fair trial rights of the accused, or to protect the safety of people mentioned in the documents.
That’s why posting the material online is considered a serious problem – trials and people could be at risk.
Here’s my full story:
If you have read the online material, please don’t refer to it in comments as it is covered by bans on publication. I hope whoever created the sites with the restricted material realizes their error and doesn’t put additional documents up.
Here’s my full story:

Charges laid in fatal Surrey shooting in May 2012

Two young men have been charged with second degree murder in the fatal shooting last May of Noel Jackson in a Surrey basement suite.
Sgt. Jennifer Pound, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said police have been working hard for months to gather evidence in the murder which took place in the basement of a house in the 12400 block of 70th Avenue.
Charged now are Jonathan Michael Kishimoto, 21, and Michael Alexander Ross, 24.
Pound said there was a small group of people who attended the suite after being at a local drinking establishment together.
“A verbal disagreement ensued and two of the male individuals left the residence only to return a short time later with a firearm and an additional male acquaintance,” Pound said.
Two of the men entered the suite and shot Jackson, while a third waited outside. Jackson was pronounced dead just before 12:30 p.m.
All the others inside fled the scene before police arrived.
 “To obtain charge approval on two individuals just six months after the homicide of Mr. Jackson speaks to the persistence and tenacity of each of our IHIT investigators,” Pound said.
Here’s our story:
Kishimoto was also charged recently in Surrey with five counts of uttering threats and assault related to incidents in Surrey on Sept. 8, 10, 17, 19 and 20th.

CCC – 264.1(1)(a) Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
Surrey BC

CCC – 264.1(1)(a) Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
Surrey BC

CCC – 266 Assault
Surrey BC

CCC – 264.1(1)(a) Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm
Surrey BC

CCC – 266 Assault
Surrey BC

Ross had a run-in with the law last year, convicted of driving while suspended.

Court updates from Sukh Dhak to Jesse Margison

A B.C. Supreme Court judge dropped drug charges against slain gangster Sukh Dhak Monday – a week after he and his bodyguard were gunned down in Burnaby.
Justice Gail Dickson granted the “abatement” or suspension of the case against Dhak, a 28-year-old who had been targeted for more than a year before he was killed along with Thomas Mantel.
Dickson told Dhak’s lawyer Emil Doricic that he was no longer required.
The trial against Dhak’s co-accused – Baljit (Bobby) Pabla and Neville Rankin – then resumed after a week-long emergency adjournment granted after the brazen daytime murder outside a busy Burnaby hotel.
Federal Crown Sharon Steele said she expected to wrap her case by Wednesday of this week.
Delta Police Sgt. Scott Brandon then testified that he saw both Pabla and Rankin during surveillance in early 2008 as part of a major drug investigation.
Brandon pointed to both Pabla and Rankin in the prisoners’ box as the men he observed during the probe, dubbed Project Gateway and led by Delta Police with the assistance of other agencies.
Steele alleged during her opening that Dhak was the mastermind behind a large-scale drug lab in Vancouver where police found close to 18,500 ecstasy pills.
“The Crown’s theory of the case is that Mr. Dhak was directing this operation, giving instructions to Mr. Pabla and Mr. Rankin as well as supplying . . . ingredients,” she said.

She said the drug production was down in the basement of a house in the 1900-block of Rupert Street in Vancouver, where “police discovered a pill press suitable for pressing ecstasy powder into tablets.”
“Bags of ecstasy, ketamine and other powders were located in the basement and I expect that the evidence will also show that approximately 18,500 pressed pills were discovered in that basement,” she said.
Dhak, Pabla and Rankin all pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to produce ecstasy, production of ecstasy and possession of ecstasy for the purpose of trafficking.

In other court news:
The fitness hearing for accused kidnapper Jesse Margison will go forward on Dec. 11 at the Vancouver Law Couts in front of a jury.  That jury will determined whether the charges against Margison should be stayed due to the severity of his beating in the North Fraser pre-trial centre. Another accused in the case, Van Van Vu, has an application in court Dec. 10, while the remaining co-accused are not back in court until the new year.
Down in Miami, the cocaine importing trial of B.C. skipper John (Phil) Stirling was supposed to get underway Monday. But Stirling has asked for it to be delayed until the New Year. The trial is now set March 11, 2013. This will be the second trial this year. Stirling was convicted last spring before winning a new trial on appeal because of a disclosure issue. I will keep you posted on the outcome of that case.

Dhak and Mantel laid to rest in recent days after targeted Burnaby slaying

There was a heavy police presence at funeral services for Sukh Dhak Sunday.  The service was held at Delta’s Riverside Crematorium, where his brother Gurmit’s service was held in October 2010.
After Gurmit’s funeral, police watched a group of gangsters gather in Kensington Park in Vancouver, where they appeared to be plotting something. They moved in and found guns, leading to charges against some of those present.
I wasn’t at Dhak’s service (everyone in my house is sick!) but my colleagues from the Province went to check it out.
Here’s their story:
Meanwhile Thomas Mantel was remembered at a service Friday at Surrey’s Valley View Funeral home.
His family refered to his “sudden death” Nov. 26 in the obituary they published and said he would be missed by parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces and nephews.
Both men were shot to death as they entered Burnaby’s Executive Hotel on Lougheed Hwy, two weeks ago.
The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team hasn’t released any updates in recent days.
Both men had been targeted in a bloody gang war that has seen more than a dozen shot over the last two years.

Thomas Mantel and dog

Thomas Mantel and dog